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Rarotonga – Day 2

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I woke up early this morning and decided to start the day with a jog. I threw on some board shorts, strapped on my five fingers, and hit the beach. The air was cool, and the beach was completely deserted. I ran about a mile until I reached a point where the sand was jettied by a pile of large black rocks pushing out into the ocean. The only way around was to swim, so I jumped into the unbelievably warm water and made my way through the coral and fish out around the rocks. Upon reaching the other side I continued my jog down the beach until I reached the beginning of the airport, at which point I turned around and made my way back to the rock pile. I spent another half hour or so poking around the coral, enjoying the sounds of the ocean, and watching the small fish swim by before heading back toward to the hotel.

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After finishing my run, I grabbed a quick shower and joined Christine for breakfast before heading off to meet the wedding party for a day of poking about the island. After everyone had gathered, all 16 of us piled in a rather fragile looking van, and headed out onto the road. Our first stop was the Rarotonga hospital, from which we were supposed to be able to find the most stunning views of the island. After driving for about 15 minutes we reached the hospital, perched high upon a hill. We poured out of the van, a scene which I can only imagine must have looked something like a clown car in a circus, and started wandering about the hospital grounds attempting to locate the viewpoint. Bear in mind, this whole scene is unfolding in a rather decent bout of rain, so everything, and everyone, is wet and slick. After a few moments, we happened upon a few hospital staff who were conversing under an awning, and trying to avoid the rain. They told us that the scenic lookout we were searching for was a short ways up a hill behind the hospital. This would have been no problem, except for the fact that it was raining, and the hill was now composed of extremely slippery mud. We ade our way up the hill with only minor complaining about Italian-made sandals (insert me snickering here), and without any major accidents. From the top we had breathtaking views of the island and ocean below, it was definitely worth the climb!

IMG 2495

After snapping a few photos, we all made our way (very carefully) down the hill, where we once again crammed into the van, and headed off into town. We stopped in town only briefly so people could change money and grab a few souvenirs, before continuing our journey to the other side of the island, and a very nice oceanside lunch. When everyone had eaten there fill, we enjoyed a leisurely walk along the beach, taking in the stunning views of the surrounding bay and islands, finally stopping at a small bar for a drink before retiring for the day.

The night brought nothing of terrible interest: Ham sandwiches and some light reading in the hotel room, then blissful sleep.

So, what do you think ?