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How to build a better oyster trap (aka shucking made easy)

I stopped by Wholefoods today to pick up some grub and while walking past the seafood counter I spotted my tasty little friends from Fanny Bay (the oysters that I FAILED to get open and enjoy the last time around). This time I decided to take a bit of a different approach and struck up a conversation with a friendly fish-monger name Ryan (gotta love the Wholefoods staff, always friendly and helpful!). After explaining how I struck out on trying to get the Fanny Bay oysters open on my first attempt, I asked him if he had any pointers. He explained that these specific oysters can be a huge pain to get open due to their small necks, and then offered to shuck them for me right there at the store. This sounded like a hell of a lot easier than trying my luck (not to mention potentially going hungry should I fail), so I greatfully accepted! Not only did he shuck them and package them for me, he also hooked me up with a couple of “samples” right there on the spot (freshly shucked oysters on the half-shell with a lil squeeze of lemon, talk about the best free samples ever!). After all was said and I done, I went home and enjoyed some of the most delicious oysters I have had to date. A big thanks to Ryan at the Wholefoods in Hillcrest!

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