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Flashbuilder error occurred during Finding occurrences – java.lang.NullPointerException

The other day I started getting plagued by constant pop-ups in Flashbuilder notifying me that “An internal error occurred during: “Finding occurrences””, the details then outline that a “java.lang.NullPointerException” is to blame. The partial stack-trace was as follows:

After a ton of googling on the error, the best solution I could find was to simply try and drag this window somewhere off the screen and ignore it. Unfortunately, this just wasn’t going to work for me; partly because Flashbuilder wouldn’t allow me to drag the window off screen, but mostly because I wanted to find a real fix! After a bunch of trial and error I was finally able to pin this down to a workspace error.

The Solution: For me the solution ended up being pretty simple. I made a backup copy of all the projects in my workspace, then deleted all the files (including the hidden ones) in my workspace. Next I pointed Flashbuilder at the now empty workspace directory (forcing it to recreate all the workspace files). Finally I imported the project folders that I had backed up. That seemed to do the trick for me. Now I’m just hoping that the same error doesn’t resurface in 20 minutes…


  • Reply Saco |

    delete “searchCache”folder in .metadata,restart FlashBuilder and the error disapeared!

    • Reply Alex |

      Thanks man! This worked great for me as I was getting (Null pointer every few seconds)! Now problem gone!

  • Reply Ulhas Math |

    Good news I found a way to get the content Assist working with flash bluider 4.7, you need only to ignore svn folders and files in the project properties

    project>properties>Ressources>ressource filter>add>

    check the following options :
    exclude all
    All childrens (recursive)

    and then choose name *.svn*

    validate and close windows try a cmd+space or ctrl+space I have no more java.lang.nullpointerexception !!

    if you don’t have any svn files in your project maybe your problem comes from some other source

    See below

So, what do you think ?