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Accessing the Geek Menu on Your Chumby Device

Have you ever wished that your Chumby had a secret menu that would allow you to enable all sorts of cool functionality like SSH, and the ability to get Screenshots? No? Well too bad, I’m gonna tell you how to do it anyways!

I will be demonstrating how to accomplish this using the Chumby 8; however, it should be a very similar process on any other Chumby device. I have also written a tutorial on this topic specifically for the Insignia Infocast 8.

To get to the geek menu, power up your Chumby device, and click the Settings button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

Once in the settings menu, click the Device Info button.

The final step to unlocking the mysteries of the Geek Menu is to click on the Pi (π) symbol in the upper-right hand corner of the Device Info. menu.

Congratulations! You have now unlocked the secrets of the Geek Menu!

Next Steps:
Check out one of my other tutorials about using the features of the Geek Menu, or hit the Chumby Wiki a general description about what each of these buttons does!


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