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The Countdown

As my last days in San Diego quickly slip away, I am finding myself feeling surprisingly ambivalent to the changes that are about to, and have already occurred in my life. I suppose this lack of feeling could be due to the major, and rather unexpected, changes and opportunities which have presented themselves over the past few months. Instead of spending my final days tying up loose ends, and preparing myself to sell off my worldly possessions and uproot my life, I instead found myself traveling to Las Vegas, Brazil, and Yosemite, all the while growing closer to a certain someone who has managed to take an even deeper hold in my heart. So much for a leisurely exit from a city that, beyond my friends, held very few ties. It really is funny (see also annoying), how people have a way of entering your life at the most inopportune of moments. I have a feeling that once I plant my ass on that plane, with all tasks completed, I will finally start to analyze/realize/feel all the things that I have simply not had the time to ponder.  I digress..

At this point in the game, I am a mere 5 days from departure. I have vacated my apartment, sold most everything that I can’t fit into my car, forwarded all mail to a P.O. Box, canceled all utilities, and placed my cell phone on hold (for the low low price of $8/month Spring will kindly keep my number for me). All systems shut down. I also managed to pick up a few more gigs in the last couple months, in the hopes that my savings will allow me to travel with little to no time working from the road. Saturday, my good friends Joe and Maria have kindly offered to host a going away BBQ at their home, and I am greatly looking forward to a day of kicking back with good friends and enjoying my last day in SD (for now).

Sunday night, I fly from San Diego to Los Angeles where I will be meeting up with my friend Christine who I will then be traveling with to Rarotonga, and Auckland. Other than attending a strangers wedding (Christine will be there photographing the event), I have no plans for my visit to the Island. I feel as though I should be a bit more anxious about the fact that, in general, I don’t have any major plans for this trip, other than my general flight plan, but for some reason it hasn’t bothering me in the least. My plan is to just see how things go, and make plans on the fly. Hopefully that will work out, but if not, I’ll just start planning a bit more in advance for my stop further down the road.


T minus 5…

So, what do you think ?