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Seattle – Day 1

Perhaps it was just beard withdrawl (finally decided to shave today), but I was feeling a bit down this morning. As much as I am enjoying the lone adventuring, it can be a bit lonely at times (I know surprise surprise). I think this feeling is more evident when I’m in larger cities. While it’s fun seeing all the sites and exploring the new surroundings, I’m finding that these things are just a lot more enjoyable when you’re in the company of friends.

I arrived in Seattle around noon today, parked my car in the parking garage (which costs almost as much as the hostel) and checked in at the Green Tortoise Hostel. The location of this place is perfect! It’s literally across the street from Pikes Place Market and is situated in the heart of downtown Seattle, and quite close to most major attractions. I didn’t feel like wasting any time, so I dropped off my bags, and headed over to do a bit of wandering around at the Market. It was extremely crowded, but I managed to grab some lunch (A Dungeoness Crab Sandwhich) and check out a few of the sites (the flying fish, and the original Starbucks to name a few). I then decided that I was going to play tourist. If I can say one thing for Seattle, it is very tourist friendly. There are signs and maps everywhere, multiple forms of transportation, and if you really get confused I even saw a few guides wandering about. I grabbed myself a map and started figuring out what I wanted to see. After perusing my options, I landed on the Space needle, the Music Experience Project and the Science Fiction Museum. There was a monorail just a few blocks from the hostel that would take me directly to all of these places (as they all sit in a large park at the same location), so after a quick walk I was on my way.


I spent to rest of the afternoon wandering through the museums and checking out the space needle. The Music Experience Project was pretty cool. They had lots of memorabilia and interesting information about the history of music in America. I found the exhibit of the history of guitars to be the most interesting. After finishing up at MEP I was in serious need of caffeine so I grabbed a cup of coffee at Seattle Grind, which I can’t say I was terribly impressed with. Next I tackled the Science Fiction Museum, which only ended up taking me about 20 minutes. I’m not a big sci-fi fan, but it was fun to see the replicas of E.T. and yoda. Then I took the 520 trip to the top of the space needle. The views were, not surprisingly, amazing! Mt. Rainier has to be one of the most majestic mountain views I have seen to date. Its’ snow-covered peaks make for quite a backdrop to the city skyline. It was till early when I got down from the space needle so I headed over to the Science Museum (I bought a City Pass that included all of the museums on it so I figured what the heck). I walked the entire museum in about 20 minutes, the exhibits just weren’t as exciting as they were when I was a kid (probably because they are geared toward 8 year olds). The museum ticket included a pass to the Omni-max where they were showing a film on Mt. St. Helens, so I took advantage of the A.C. and stopped by for that on my way out.

Now I’m back at the hostel and am going to clean up before heading out for a few hours. My hostel dorm is extremely hot, so I am going to try to spend as little time there as possible. My plan for tonight is to check out a few local bars known for their craft cocktails and grab some dinner.

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    Still waiting to hear from lauren.. traveling has its ups and downs.. hope you get over the lonely feeling soon. :) I have never been to seattel .. just read about it… cool pics

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