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I arrived in Portland yesterday and thus far it has been a really good time! When I first got to town I spent a few hours wandering around the Pearl District, killing some time until Sarah got off of work. I got a chance to check out the famed Powell’s book store, as well as an actual Patagonia store (I’m a big fan of their gear). After the Pearl District I headed to NW Portland to meetup with Sarah. After dropping off a few things and cleaning up a bit, Sarah and I headed over to a local cafe near her house for a beer and a bite. I haven’t seen Sarah in over 10 years, and it was really good to catch up and here about what she’s been up to since last we spoke. After the cafe we headed back to her apartment, and hung out in the garage (which was much cooler than the apartment) with some of her friends and neighbors. Later in the evening we rode her bikes downtown to meet her girlfriend Avery for a drink. When we got downtown, I had my first introduction to the Portland food carts. In various places throughout the city there are a number of vendors who setup these food carts, thai food, korean food, taco stands, etc. etc.. They’re more trailers than carts, and the food is cheap and really tasty. We had a couple of tacos, then headed over to “The Tube” bar for a beer. After our beers we stopped at Voodoo Doughnuts on our way back to the apartment. Voodoo is one of the must see places in Portland and are known for their strange and unique doughnuts. I orderered a “Maple and Bacon” doughnut which had a maple glaze and strips of bacon (EPIC), and a Voodoo Doll, which was shaped like (go figure) a Voodoo Doll, glazed and painted with a lil face, and jelly filled in the chest area with a pretzel “pin” sticking out.. The doughnuts were amazing, and definitely worth the wait (especially the maple bacon). Post doughnuts we headed back to the apartment and hung out for a while longer, talking bikes and watching silly internet vids, before calling it a night..

Today was the opening day of the Oregon Brewers Festival. I got up around 10, went for a run, then cleaned up and headed downtown. Sarah and I stopped off at another set of food carts for some grub before embarking on our afternoon of drinking. I had a meatball sub with spicy peanut sauce, and it was absolutely delicious! After lunch we headed down to the Brewers Festival. The festival was huge! There were more taps than you could possibly imagine, and people everywhere! We grabbed our beer tokens, and dove right in! Throughout the afternoon I sampled over 12 beers, met some really cool people, and had an overall good time! With my drunken stooper properly in place, we heade back to the apartment and hung out for the rest of the night.. Time to rest up and get ready for another day! =]

Beers I tried today (at least the ones I remembered to write down haha):

  1. Eel River – Bakau Strong Ale
  2. Oakshire – Pinot Barrel Strong Ale
  3. Flying Fish – Exit 4 Belgian Trippel
  4. Kona – Coco Loco
  5. Deschutes – Streaking the Quad
  6. Riverport – 5/5 Pepper (Jabenero pepper beer)
  7. Bridgeport – Stumptown Tart
  8. Vertigo – Razz Wheat
  9. The Bruery – 7 Grain Saison
  10. Boulevard – 7 Farmhouse Ale
  11. Caldera – Hibiscus Gineger Beer
  12. 13 year old Russian Imperial Stout (aged since 97)
  13. Maui – Coconut Porter
  14. Maui – Heaven and Hell
  15. ..and a few others ;-)

So, what do you think ?