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Day 5 – Oregon

I got off to an early start this morning, waking up around 6:30, catching a hot shower (and learning a serious lessong about using pay showers, the trick being to have quarters and make sure the water doesn’t run out half-way through leaving you covered in soap and forcing you to run back across the campground in 40 degree weather for more change), and enjoying a nice bowl of oatmeal before hitting the road… The morning started with a nice drive through Redwood National Park, cutting in and out of the the forest with intermediary stretches of coastline to break things up. I continued pressing on through the morning and stopped for lunch in Crescent City before making the final push across the Oregon border.

From Crescent City I took scenic Highway 199 North to Selma Oregon. From there, I cut off the main highway and into the backwoods of Rogue National Park. I had originally planned on spending the night in the park, but once I got there, I decided it just wasn’t what I was looking for and opted to head back to something a bit more developed. After studying my maps, consulting google, and putting in some thought, I decided to head to Grants Pass (the closest place I could find with a semi-developed campground). Once I arrived in grants pass I found that the campground was located directly next to Highway 5, and the only other viable camping spot was not any better. At this point I had been on the road for over 12 hours and decided to leave the tent in the trunk and conceded defeat, opting to stay at the local Motel 6 for the night instead.

I grabbed a quick bite to eat, checked into the motel, and prepared to call it a night. Chrissy called me just as I was pulling into the motel, and mentioned her fear of “bed bugs,” filling me in on some batlles her sister has faced with them, and “suggesting” (I use quotes around suggest because chrissy doesn’t really ever suggest as much as repeat her point over and over until I concede or at least begrudgingly agree to abide by it haha, love ya babe). With my new found fear of nasty hotel beds in hand, I took her suggestions and lifted the mattress to check for signs of the lil critters. I didn’t find any bed bugs, but I did find a porno mag (an apparent remnant from a previous tenant). It was a gross and rather amusing surprise to say the least.

I had originally planned on heading up to Eugene tomorrow and checking out the Rogue brewery, but I have since come to find that the Rogue location in Eugene is a “Public house” (basically a bar with lots of Rogue on tap), and not the brewery itself. But from what I’ve gathered, Newport Oregon has an actual Rogue brewery, as well as some nice beachside campgrounds, so the basic gameplan is to head to Newport, hope to get a campsite, and spend the day hanging on the beach, drinking rogue, and exploring the town. I really want to get a run in tomorrow too, so hopefully I can get an early start, arrive at Newport by lunch, and secure a campsite.

So, what do you think ?