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Day 3 – San Francisco

Today was spent touring about San Francisco and checking out the different neighborhoods, restaurants, bars, and other sites that need to be seen. Aaron and I got up around 9 and headed down to Philz Coffee (an amazing coffee joint and a personal favorite) for a cup of joe. With our coffee secure, we continued down our path, taking the bart down to the embarcadaro. We spent some time taking photos, and walking around the farmers market, then decided it was time for lunch. We stopped at a booth in the farmers market and ordered an mahi mahi sandwhich and a steak sandwhich. We decided to split the sandwhiches so we could each try them both, and I gotta say, they were pretty damn good! Sandwhiches completed, we continued to wander around the farmers market. We found some of the most delicious peaches I have ever seen, and each picked on up for dessert.

After lunch at the embarcadero we toward the warf, then cut into the city a bit more and checked out china town and a few other neighborhoods. Somehow we managed to stumble into the Rogue Nation Public House, and boy am I glad we did! We stopped in and had a double chocolate stout on cask, and it was AMAZING! Met some really cool people at the bar. The bartender, who’s name has escaped me,  was telling us about his plans to open a business making pickles and saur kraut. After finishing our beers at Rogue, we wandered through china town, then down toward the stadium before catching the bart back to the mission.

Tonight we went to a great local chinese restaurant, then went for a drink before meeting up with Sean Cody over at Toronado. Toronado wasn’t exactly what I expected. Overall the staff was pretty friendly, but the beer selection was a bit lacking. That being said we all managed to find a beer that worked and went about making ourselves merry! It was really good to see Sean, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a chance to sit down and shoot the shit and just catch up.

Overall it was a really good day. I got to see lots of the city, tasty lots of great food, drink some good beers, and hang out with some good friends!  …Tomorow: Driving to the Sinkeyone National Park and camping for the night.

So, what do you think ?