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The Countdown

As my last days in San Diego quickly slip away, I am finding myself feeling surprisingly ambivalent to the changes that are about to, and have already occurred in my life. I suppose this lack of feeling could be due to the major, and rather unexpected, changes and opportunities which have presented themselves over the past few months. Instead of spending my final days tying up loose ends, and preparing myself to sell off my worldly possessions and uproot my life, I instead found myself traveling to Las Vegas, Brazil, and Yosemite, all the while growing closer to a certain someone who has managed to take an even deeper hold in my heart. So much for a leisurely exit from a city that, beyond my friends, held very few ties. It really is funny (see also annoying), how people have a way of entering your life at the most inopportune of moments. I have a feeling that once I plant my ass on that plane, with all tasks completed, I will finally start to analyze/realize/feel all the things that I have simply not had the time to ponder.  I digress..

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Get ready, Get set…

So it’s been a few months since my first post marking, the beginning of my plans to sell my worldly possessions and venture out into the world (outside of the U.S.). As you might imagine, things have been a bit hectic in around here, and I feel as though time has simply slipped past me. At this point I have managed to sell off most of my stuff (see also large furniture, household goods, and everything save the bare essentials and items I plan to pack into my car and take with me upon return from my adventures), but am still holding out for the last possible moment to sell my bed (the most amazing bed ever!). Beyond that I still need to find a good home for Roxy (please contact me if you know of anyone who might be interested), and offload a few more odds and ends. Continue Reading