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Oysters on the half… can?

I was feeling a bit on the adventurous side today and decided to pick up some live oysters from Wholefoods. I purchased 3 Blue point and 3 Fanny bay oysters, a lemon, and some cocktail sauce, as well as a shucking knife, and headed home to try my hand at shucking. The first thing to do with oysters is scrub them with a stiff brush under cold water. This removes and debris and general gnarliness that may be hanging onto the outer shell. With my oysters now nice and clean, it was shucking time! I read that it helps to use a towel to hold onto the oyster (and help protect your hand when your knife inevitably slips), so I folded up a kitchen towel and then folded it again over my first oyster (flat side up).
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