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Dreamhost: Works… Like a dream

I’ve been a long time client with MediaTemple, and have been, at best, semi-happy with their service. When I first signed up, they were the place to go for all things cutting-edge, and more specifically, the biggest supporters of Flash services (i.e. Flash Media Server, etc.). It didn’t hurt that some of my idols in the community (at that time 2advanced studios) were also big proponents of the company. Couple this with the fact that I got myself a pretty damn good hosting rate, and I was more than happy to deal with the slowness, rather half-assed customer service, and chronic growing pains. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that MediaTemple is a bad provider, in fact I still hear from quite a few people that they are quite happy with their service; however, most of these people are using their higher end hosted solutions, while I am using a much lower rate shared server.
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