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What the FLOCK!?

A while back I downloaded the Flock, a new “social” browser that had a bunch of nice tools to help you stay connected with your social networks and various other online outlets. While it did not replace Firefox and Chrome as my defacto browser, some of the built in features (specifically the offline/online blog editor) earned it a stable place in my application folder. Today, while looking for a new desktop blog editor, I decided to give Flock another shot. I opened up the built-in blog editor and, after being unable to load up a saved draft from my WordPress account, decided to upgrade to “New Flock” (The resemblance to “New Coke” would soon become apparent), hoping that this feature would have been added by now. To my surprise, not only was the feature not added, but the entire blog editor had been removed from the Flock browser altogether! They didn’t stop with the Blog editor though, they decided to pull every feature that made their browser unique and even remotely useful, and stripped it down to a half-assed Firefox competitor with a few features to connect you to Facebook and Twitter. Long story short, Flock has now been permanently removed from my computer. I feel bad for anyone that invested in that company…

So, what do you think ?