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Title Capitalization in SublimeText

I’ve been working on a lot of documentation lately and was recently tasked with converting a bunch of heading tags that were originally written using sentence style capitalization to use the more proper title capitalization. This is not a huge task in and of itself, but with a few hundred headings to change out, I figured there was probably a tool out there that could help me out. A few google clicks later, I found Sublime-TitleCase, a really handy plugin for SublimeText that applies smart title capitalization to a selection of text. It’s smart in that it doesn’t just capitalize every word in the selection (like the Title Case function that ships with SublimeText does), but rather applies a set of rules that figures out which words to capitalize and which should be left lower case.

After I got the plugin installed, I added a user shortcut to more quickly apply the command, and the rest was easy. To setup the user shortcut in SublimeText 3, click SublimeText -> Preferences -> Key Bindings User, and add the following line to the file

A quick restart of SublimeText and you should be up and running! Happy Capitalizing!

So, what do you think ?