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How to Update Your Chumby’s Firmware

In this tutorial I’ll walk you through the process of updating the firmware for the Insignia Infocast 8″ and the Chumby 8 (both follow the same steps). You might be wondering why you would want to update your firmware. The main reason is that the latest firmware contains updates to support Actionscript 3.0. So if you’re looking to do any AS3 development for the Chumby, you will need one of the devices listed in this tutorial with the latest firmware installed on it (note: there will be additional devices released in the future that also support AS3).

If you have an older Chumby device, the process for updating the firmware is still the same.

Download the latest firmware for your device:
Firmware is device specific, so you will need to make sure that you download the correct firmware for your device. Below you will find links to the latest firmware for the Insignia Infocast 8″ and the Chumby 8.

Note: The last step in this tutorial will perform a complete filesystem re-image and any settings, photos, customizations, etc. stored on the filesystem will be lost!

Copy the firmware to a USB drive:
Once you’ve downloaded the latest firmware for your device, copy the file directly to a clean USB drive (do not unzip or extract it, copy the file exactly as it is when you download it).

Update your Chumby:
With the Chumby turned off, insert the USB drive with the firmware on it into one of the USB slots on the device. Once the USB drive is in place, press and hold your finger against the screen and turn the power on. Leave your finger on the screen while the Chumby powers up. After a moment you will be asked to briefly calibrate your device, after which you will be taken to the “Special Options” screen. Click the button labeled “Install Updates.” On the next screen click the button labeled “Install From USB Drive.” The firmware will now be loaded from your USB drive onto your Chumby device. That’s all folks!

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