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Getting Screenshots From Your Chumby Device

As I was going through the process of writing my tutorials for the Chumby devices, I found myself wanting to get screenshots from the device to help better illustrate the various menus and screens that I was describing. Luckily for me, Chumby was one step ahead of me on this! On the Chumby there is a hidden menu, lovingly referred to as the “Geek Menu”, that gives you the ability to enable some extra features. One of these features, called “FBCGI” (short for Frame Buffer to CGI), copies the latest image from the frame buffer (i.e. whats currently displayed on the screen) to the cgi-bin directory on the device. You can then access these image files (screenshots) through your browser. The process for enabling FBCGI and accessing the screenshots is outlined below:

Enabling FBCGI
The first step to enabling FBCGI is to access the hidden “Geek Menu.” If you don’t know how to do this, you will want to read my tutorial “Accessing the Geek Menu on Your Chumby Device” before continuing.

I will be demonstrating how to accomplish this using the Chumby 8; however, it should be a very similar process on any other Chumby device.

To enable FBCGI, simply click on the FBCGI button (logical, right?)

Accessing the Screenshots
Now that you have FBCGI enabled, you will be able to access images of whatever is currently beingdisplayed on your device’s screen. How you access these images will depend on whether you are currently in the control panel, or viewing an app. The reason for this is that there is a separate frame buffer for each of these views. Frame buffer 0 (fb0) holds images of your widgets, while frame buffer 1 (fb1) holds images of the control panel.

To access screenshots of the control panel:
Open up a browser and go to the following url: your.devices.ip.address/cgi-bin/custom/fb1

To access screenshots of your widgets:
Open up a browser and go to the following url: your.devices.ip.address/cgi-bin/custom/fb0

That’s all there is to it! Now you can take screenshots of all the great apps you develop for the Chumby to show off in your portfolio!

Next Steps:
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